Questions and Answers about VeloTrader.ca

Q: Why should I list my bike ad with Velotrader?

A: We are marketing our website and actively campaigning in the cycling world to grow awareness for the sale of your bike.  We are actively trying to sell your bike. We go to events, we go to bike races, to bike stores we are reaching out to the cycling community to let them know – this is more than any other classified website is doing.


Q: What if I want to advertise with Velotrader?

A: We are willing to put banner ads into rotation based on the fit of any advertiser. We offer two different banner ad sizes: 728x90 and 300x250. Please contact us at support@velotrader.ca for more details.


Q: Can I post a new bike for sale?

A: Yes you can post a new bike for sale. We want to drive traffic to bicycle stores. We don’t set the prices, that is between the Store and the Manufacturer. We don’t sell bikes. We provide services to connect buyers with sellers and generate leads for sellers.


Q: What is the difference between you and Chain Reaction or an online retailer?

A: We are a portal for vendors to post new and used inventory to attract buyers. If a bike store wants to post inventory – the price they set is between them and the manufacturer. VeloTrader.ca is driving buyers into bike stores. VeloTrader.ca is not competing with bike stores but provides marketing services that enable bike stores to sell more inventory.


Q: Why would a bike store want to tell customers to use VeloTrader.ca?

A: Your customers need help selling their existing bikes. If your customers sells their used bikes, that free cash is ready to be reinvested. You, as a retailer have an opportunity to turn that customer and that money into a new sale.


Q: What kind of marketing activities does VelotTader.ca do to promote the sale of my bike?

A: We have a schedule of events we attend, at these events we set up our tent and distribute posters, post cards and stickers. We have jerseys that we wear at Bike Races, we are contacting bike stores to let them know about our site and doing a poster campaign to many of the places where a used bike may get posted. We attend the BC outdoor show, triathlon races and Fondo’s – in short we are marketing VeloTrader.ca and by virtue of that – we are helping you sell your bike.