Sell Used Bicycle Canada

Increase your chances of selling used bicycle with these tips

Take a lot of clear bicycle photos and close-ups.

With the mass proliferation of cell phone cameras and inexpensive digital cameras, there is absolutely no excuse for not having a lot of great shots. Shoot photo’s from all angles, all sides and include plenty of close-ups. Buyers see the photos before they read the details. Grab them visually and pull them in so they want to know more.

Clean used bike for sale

No one wants to see your bike with months of road grime or years of dust covering it, your potential buyer is looking for his next bike. If your bike doesn’t look like you care enough to do something as simple as keeping it clean, everyone will assume normal maintenance was ignored as well. Ten cents worth of soap and an hour with a hose and rags can mean huge dollar difference.

Clean background for your used bike for sale photos

Make sure to use a non-cluttered background. If your bike sits in front of a bunch of clutter and junk, you bike looks like just another piece of that junk. Move it away from other items in the background, put it in front of something plain so the buyer's attention is on the bike.

Include the bike defects in your photos

Concentrate on making your bike look its best, but your photos are the equivalent of having the buyer right there, looking over the bike closely. If there is a defect in the paint or a scratch on the wheels, take a shot. The buyer will appreciate your honesty and you'll avoid that awkward situation when the buyer shows up and sees a nasty surprise before you get paid.

Write a clear, accurate title for your bike for sale listing

If you want to sell your bike, identify what you have for sale. If there is something that makes it special, be brief and accurate but keep it short. You can include the details in the description.

Write a great description

This is your chance to tell the potential buyer all about the bike. Try to tell the story of each component of your bike, what is the type of component, what is it’s model, what is it’s size. Write about the history of your bicycle, maintenance, modifications, extras, options, anything and everything the buyer would want to know. Yes, this is where you sell it. Be clear, be accurate, but make sure you don't leave anything out. Also, check your spelling

Make it easy to buy your bije with a great price

What is your bicycle worth? Begin with some online research to match up similar models, sizes and respective parts, try to find an approximate value and then estimate the condition and the maintenance you have put in. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at or ask your local bike store for an opinion, they may be the lucky recipient of your future dollars.

List your bicycle for sale

This simply means you have to list it to sell it. Thinking about selling it, planning to sell it, getting ready to sell it and talking about selling it is no different than doing nothing. Unless you get it out there, it isn't going to sell.